April 10, 2013

New Adventures, New Blog

Norway atlantic rdSo, I’m heading off to grad school next year in Europe! I’ll be attending a program called Choreomundus, which is a collaboration of four different universities in the EU. The program is in “Dance Knowledge, Practice, and Heritage” which basically means I’ll be learning about how to study, notate, and analyze dance’s place in culture and learning about working to preserve intangible cultural heritage. I start in Traundheim, Norway this August, not far away from the Atlantic Rd Highway, pictured on the right! I’ll be there for about a month with the other 15 folks in my program, and half the group stays there, and the other half goes to study at the Universiteé Blaise Pascal in Clermont-Ferrand, France. I don’t yet know where I am heading, I believe that they divide up the group by whose specialities would be best supported by which institution. In May 2014 we all meet again in France as a large group and then break for summer/fieldwork. The second year we are all studying together, first a semester in Szeged, Hungary and then one at the Univ. of Roehampton in London. The EU is basically amazing and is sponsering my whole tuition and giving me a small stipend  (Oh countries that value education and the arts!)

Needless to say, I am beyond thrilled! It has been a little while, however, since I last was in serious writing mode, and I expect that doing a MA will require me to get back into that mindset! I have decided to start writing a blog again, with the idea of both sharing my adventures, ideas, and writings with you, as well as getting my mind producing written words again! Check back soon and keep me honest with this whole writing business!

Until next time!

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What Ho Old Bean…. Great to see you forging ahead with your dreams!
The Kingsmen will be proud of you…
Keep on blogging.


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