Curriculum Vitae



2015 (August) Erasmus Mundus- Choreomundus International Master in Dance Knowledge, Practice and Heritage

Advisors: Georgiana Wierre-Gore, László Felföldi.

Dissertation: Temporal-Aesthetic in Rapper Dance Competition:

Aesthetics, Discourse, and Decision Making Strategies Among Expert Judges


2011  B.A in Anthropology, Bard College (NY, USA)

Advisor: Mercedes Dujunco

Thesis: ‘If We All Danced, There Would Be No War:’ Transmission and      Inscription of Communal Values in Contra Dancing



Participation, Photography and Facebook: Contra Dance and Digital Performance. Country Dance and Song Journal (Forthcoming, Autumn 2015)



2013-2015  Erasmus+ Choreomundus Scholarship: Tuition and Stipend.

2011-2012  Thomas J. Watson Fellowship: European Hilt-and-Point Sword Dance.

2011  President Leon Botstein Award: Graduating senior with a strong academic record across the disciplines judged by the faculty to have demonstrated intellectual ambition, creativity and integrity.

2008-2011  Trustee Leader-Scholar: Social action fellowship. Founder of the Vermont Harmony Project, doing oral histories and cross-cultural workshops.

2010  Flow Circle Fund: Oral history project with the Vermont Harmony Project



2015  Trailguide to a Temporal-Aesthetic Map: Aesthetics, Discourse, and Decision Making Strategies in Rapper Dance. SDHS/CORD Joint Conference, Athens, June 4th-7th

2015 Temporal-Aesthetic Mapping in Dance Research: When’s Important! K(no|w)Body, University of Roehampton, London, June 18th -19th

2015  European Sword Dance History and Practical. University of Roehampton, Guest Lecturer, World Music and Dance, January 19th

2014   Intersubjective Discourse and Adjudication in Dance: Aesthetic Mapping of Judging at the Dancing England Rapper Tournament. Local Dance as Knowledge, Practice, and Heritage Symposium, Budapest, November 21st-23rd

2012   Chasing the Star of Swords: Researching European Sword Dance. Thomas J. Watson Foundation, Appleton, OH, August 3rd-5th

2012   Hilt-and-Point Sword Dancing Traditions of Western Europe. ICTM Study Group on Ethnochoreology Symposium, Limerick, July 22nd-29th

2011   University and the Formation of the Voting Habit. International Student Conference on Freedom and Responsibility, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, April 29- May 1



2015   Editorial Board: Country Dance and Song Journal

2015   Co-Founder, Co-Organizer: K(no|w)Body Symposium 2015



2013-2015  Board Member: Country Dance Society-Boston Centre.

2006-2015  Sword Dance Instructor: Teaching sword dance professionally in schools, festivals, and to teams in the USA, UK, Spain, France, Italy, and Germany.

2015   Judge: Dancing England Rapper Tournament

2012-2013  Chairman: Swing into Summer Dance Weekend, Pinewoods Camp, MA.

2009-2015  Contra and English Dance Caller: Teaching and calling social dancing.

2007-2011  President: Bard Contra Dance

2009-2011  President: Bard College Tango Club

2009-2011  President: Bard College Contact Improv



2014  American Music Abroad: Folk group Windborne selected by U.S. Dept. of State for a month-long cultural diplomacy tour of Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Angola performing and teaching workshops in music and dance

2009-2012 Country Dance and Song Society: Taught rapper, longsword, morris, bal folk, couples dancing, play party games, contra, and harmony singing to children and adults

2000-2015 Folk Dance performance: Rapper: Newcastle Kingsmen (UK) Beside the Point Morris: Pinewoods Morris Men, Great Meadows Morris and Sword. Other: Orion Longsword (US), Kezka (Basque), Traunstein Schwerttanz (German)

2007-2011  Renewal Chorus: Co-director of world music ensemble, fifty-plus concerts

2006  Dancing England Rapper Tournament York: 1st place Showcase Award



2010  Smithsonian Folkways: Wrote new Mission Statement and Strategic Vision for the organization’ education division. Created guidelines for and wrote new lesson plans to help teach traditional music and dance in classrooms.

2010-2011  Bard College: President of the Student Association, Student Representative to Board of Trustees, Head of Student Life Committee, Senior Class Officer



2015 (June)  Elicitation Interview: Describing bodily experience with elicitation techniques with Dr Anne Cazemajou

2014   Labannotation: Advanced Labanotation with János Fügedi.



International Council For Traditional Music

Society of Dance History Scholars

American Anthropological Association—Music and Sound Interest Group

Society for Cultural Anthropology

Association for Feminist Anthropology