Dance Teacher

sword lift pinewoodsSword Dance and Morris
Jeremy is a experienced sword and rapper dance teacher, giving workshops and classes locally and internationally. He teaches English longsword, rapper, Cotswold morris, and continental hilt and point dancing from several European countries. He has a vast knowledge of the sword dances of Europe and is excited to share with you these little known gems!

Contra Dance Caller

Jeremy has been calling contra dances since 2009. Dancers love his concise and encouraging calling style and exciting repetoire of dances. He would love to call for your dance event!


Other Dances383712_1886569764006_702492344_n

Jeremy teaches couples dancing and line dance from France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Scandanavia and beyond. Learn to dance the tango zweifacher, Norwegian polka, mazurka, polska, bouree, Irish set dance, or 5-count waltz!


Kids Dance

Jeremy is great teaching kids of all ages to love dance! Whether it is play-party games for young children, longsword and a mummers play for 11 year olds, or complicated couples dances for the teens, Jeremy is sure to educate and entertain groups of all sizes!206170_4587357927179_711897028_n