Kids Song and Dance

IMG_4616Jeremy loves getting kids to love traditional song and dance! He is excited to work with kids of any ages in academic and non-academic settings. Jeremy has taught kids and teen camps during sessions at Pinewoods and Ogontz dance camps, as well as in schools in the US and abroad. Incorporating play party games, contra and square dance, longsword, mumming, handbone, partner acrobatics, couples dancing, international folk dance, tango, singing, Cotswold and border morris, storytelling, and an infectious sense of fun, Jeremy delights and educates all ages!IMG_4626206170_4587357927179_711897028_n









For the Country Dance and Song Society, Jeremy Carter-Gordon writes:

“The best gift my parents ever gave me was providing me with the opportunity to learn participatory dancing and immersing me in communities that supported dance. Life lessons such as ‘carry your own weight,’ or ‘it’s all in how you recover from mistakes’ were physically instilled in me through participatory dance. In the challenging years of elementary and middle school, dance and the community that surrounds it gave me the confidence to maintain a strong self-identity.

“I think too often our education system limits the ‘physical education’ of children to sport; when kinesthetic education includes dance and movement children are able to explore a whole new world of learning. Being able to access the physical language of the body allows children to express themselves artistically and emotionally and perhaps most importantly, socially. The interpersonal skills I developed as a dancer and dance organizer translated into leadership opportunities at college, as the student body president. As a Watson Fellow, I travelled to 10 countries, sharing the language of dance and movement. I am convinced that as humans we need interaction in communities, not just those of necessity such as school or the workplace, but groups of people gathering joyously!”