Other Groups

Far Distant Shore Far Distant Shore performs traditional English and American music ranging from sea shanties to pub songs, bawdy ballads to heavenly hymns, frailing banjo and old time fiddling. Ben Bath and Jeremy Carter-Gordon have been singing together since highschool and are known for their energetic singing style and wide-ranging vocal talent.

Windborne- Windborne is a group of vocal chameleons, juxtaposing their clever settings of traditional and original American music with traditional vocal trio music from Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. They have extensively studied the traditional polyphony of Corsica, Bulgaria, and the Republic of Georgia, learning not only to sing the songs, but to improvise on them within the traditional styles. They switch effortlessly between drastically different styles of singing within the same concert, all the while delighting the audience with their vocal energy and carefully crafted arrangements. Windborne is Jeremy Carter-Gordon Lauren Breunig, Will Thomas Rowan, and Lynn Mahoney Rowan.

Renewal Chorus- The members of Renewal Chorus began singing as teenagers with Vermont­ based traveling world music ensemble, Village Harmony. Their music features the propelling rhythms and wide­open chords of American Shape Note music, early 20th century men’s gospel, silvery tones and elaborate melodies of Corsican and Bulgarian trio songs, entrancing polyphony from the Republic of Georgia, and satisfying harmonies of South African folk and choir songs